Witches Emporium - They are trying to fool you!!! www.witchesemporium.com

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Black Wolf aka Kevin Delisle is BACK!!!

His newest creation: Witches Emporium

DemonsRule666 =

Dark Forces in the Night =

Witches Emporium =

run by the same individuals!

Anyone else receive his invitation to his new site?

Don't fall for the rubbish on his website about leaving sales for B2B opportunities.

He doesn't want anyone to know that he IS Witches Emporium because no one would buy from him when he was DemonsRule666!!!

It is a bunch of people rejected from the regular metaphysical world who joined forces.

These are NOT real spirits or real magical people.

Most of us can gather this from his lunatic rantings, but do not be fooled by the pretty wording on his new site. Rest assured it is still Kevin.

His demons are dangerous. Trust me because I know. Stay away, stay far far far far away.

Just visit his website, the man is insane!!!!! www.demonsrule666.com

Review about: Demons And Spirits.



Grow up people!And stop including Andrea you hate Judith.

This fight is ONLY between Judith and Kevin. Don´t drag any other persons to their childish *** feud!! Judith had dragged so many innocent people into her mess and fight with Kevin.

I know because I am one of them who´d been dragged down to these nonsense!!!

Move on people and stop mentioning other names who doesn´t have anything to do with Judith & Kevin!!!Or else I will send all Vile spirits to attack every each of YOU!!!!


why would you buy a demon if they are not dangerous, sacred are you high on pcp, you said don't buy because they are dangerous, what is you point, is he fake or not...your comments are contadictory...sounds like you have a grudge or a hard on for him


You are the one that is posting junk on the net about something you have no clue about.

Everything stated about Judy is the truth and can be verify by several people. She is the one that tells people about her bondage fetishes. She has stated to several people that she is obessed with getting back at Kevin.

Kevin Portal is not closed! Lies started by Judy herself. You don't even know his girlfriend or spoke to her.


You really need to grow up here.The point it that KEVIN is the piece of *** and is selling the fraud that he was so valiently fighting before he lost his portal.

Now he is just selling empty junk. Him and his even bigger loser of a *** of a girlfriend. Please, even she admits she is searching desperately for someone else because Kevin is just full of *** and full of himself. He doesn't have a magickal bone in his body and everything he "knows"...he admits he learned from the internet..woohoo!

What an irritating *** he is!I say to you...grow up and shut up.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #73773

Why don't you two desperate, nasty, welfare cases just hang up your hats once and for all.Judy and her sexual bondage fetishes (yeah that's right she used to be a frequent flyer in NY back in the day to sex clubs) and her witch wannabe counterpart Andrea with the bunch of kids and her cheating husband.

Oh wait, Kevin did his fair share of cheating on Judy too. Can't say I blame Kevin, she was and still is a real ***. Judy is a loser, a liar, she and her mole faced partner Andrea still sell their garbage on Ebay under spirited-enterprise and it does not take a mastermind to know it. Judy is just bitter now because she lost the battle and couldn't keep Kevin in her life.

poor Judy trying to cast evil spells against him, impotence spells, and death and LMFAO she failed. Awwww Poor Judith, so now her and her loser trailer trash friend from South Dakota run off to more ripp off sites to post trash. Judy, your ex should send every demon he has to you at once and just let you have it. You can not defeat his power, and he left your sorry *** FINALLY.

Hats off to you Kevin!! Finally he is happy with a real woman, a real woman of the craft too.

Judy is just mad she doesn't have someone to push her fat *** around in the chair anymore at the local Walmart.Judy, go play with yourself and your empty vessels.

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